The river Ebro has become famous over the past 20 years for the huge catfish that have been caught in the lower reaches from Caspe down through Tortosa and out into the delta. It seems obvious but the reason why the river has such large numbers of these massive predators is because it is a prolific fishery supporting a huge stock of other species on which the catfish feed. There are carp and barbel commonly up to 25lbs as well as chub and huge shoals of Roach, Rudd and Dace and in the lower tidal reaches massive shoals of Mullet which come right up the weir at Tivenys. We are two miles down stream of the weir and have our own private swim on the banks of the river 200 yards from La Casita (one minutes walk through our orange groves.) This section of the river is absolutely teeming with fish, hardly any of which have ever seen a hook before. Over the past few years a couple of keen anglers have fished our swim regularly and we can now pass their knowledge directly on to you. Carp fishing is relatively easy with plenty of double figure fish coming out every year. Barbel fishing not so easy as they prove to be a very difficult quarry but on the day you can catch 3 or four big catfish up to 150lb and a lot of smaller specimens. It’s all down to the state of the river and the Ebro can rise or fall by 6 foot in a day depending on the weather and conditions up stream. Its tough but fishing is like that. You might be waiting and planning all year for your 2 days on the bank only to get here and find that the river isn’t playing. When this happens then there is really nothing you can do but take your loved one shopping in Tortosa and get some credits for next year!

Ebro Catfish are very hard fighting fish for which you will need very strong tackle to get the fish to the bank and at least one other person to help you handle and unhook the fish (and take your photographs). You cannot fish for catfish using carp gear as they will simply smash you. Our rig set up is a 10foot Catmaster rod and an Abu lever drag sea reel with 200 meters of 100lb braid plus braid end tackle and quality sea swivels. It might seem brutal but believe me when I say in the last two years we have had two fish simply strip the line from the reels set on full drag. You can set up the rod on an alarm but I prefer to hold the rod as takes can be quick and violent. When the river is dropping then you can realistically expect to have up to 10 runs a session on the bank ranging from small 20lb fish up to the classic “river monster”

OK so now the downside. To hire La Casita is 60 euros a night which includes breakfast for up to 3 people.  It is a beautifully furnished small apartment with bedroom, bathroom and lounge with a large leather sofa, DVD player and wifi with its own private swimming pool. 24 hour access to our private fishing swim is charged at 25 Euros per couple per day and you can bring your own gear or hire a full rig including alarm and chair for another 20 euros per day. It is ideal for the angler who wants to stay in lovely surroundings and fish while his wife/ girlfriend/ boyfriend sit in the sun by the pool reading or simply chilling. What we have is not suitable for a group of full on, hard fishing, hard drinking Ebro Catfish anglers. Firstly the swim only takes two anglers comfortably and secondly the Casita can only really sleep three people (one double bed and one put up bed in the lounge). So whether you want to try for the carp and barbel or go for the big Ebro catfish, we can show you exactly where to put your bait, organise and pre-pay for your fishing licence and will pre-bait the swims for 3 days before you arrive. If this sounds like a good plan for you then  please give  us a call.