Vinaròs Carnival “Dancing in the street”

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Carnival Vinaros

The Vinaròs Carnival this weekend is an event not to be missed. Everybody dancing in the street. The groups of sixty or more people have been making their elaborate costumes for several months now, amazing creations of Lycra, glitter and rhine stones to be paraded through the streets behind glamorous floats booming music at mega decibels, followed by hundreds of revellers. This year the main event is on 1st and 2nd March starting around six in the evening (get there early parking is a nightmare ) but the festivities start on Thursday 27th February with the pyjama party, several thousand people dressed in P.J’s drinking and dancing through the night. Carnival is celebrated in many parts of the world,  Brazil is often thought of as the country with the most exuberant and exciting carnival celebrations with London’s Notting Hill carnival (which strangely is in August) coming a  close second,  Vinaròs Carnival whilst not as big as either of these , should not be discounted in the Carnival league! It is definitely a magical night of music and razzmatazz. The celebration originated in the Catholic countries of Europe as a party before the coming of Lent, the forty days before Easter. It was traditional for the celebrations to end on Ash Wednesday when people then respected the period of abstinence for forty days. The term ‘carnival’ is thought to have originated from the Latin ‘carne levare’, meaning ‘to remove meat’, as eating meat would have been prohibited during Lent. Nowadays carnival is not seen as a religious celebration but more of a street party with lots of music and dancing. The annual carnival celebrations take place between the Saturday and the Tuesday that precede Ash Wednesday . For the official programme of events in the Vinaròs carnival go

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